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Virtual Fieldwork


Oddizzi’s new Going Places area is dedicated to virtual fieldwork experiences. First in the series is an expedition to Everest Base Camp.

Teachers often ask us how they can meet fieldwork objectives when they are teaching units on mountains, so team Oddizzi and James Ketchell, a British adventurer travelled to Nepal in August 2022 to film a virtual fieldwork experience for primary children.

The film itself is 54 minutes long and takes children on a journey from Lukla to Everest Base Camp. A Geo-Jotter has been designed for each child to have in front of them as they watch the film to record data and complete special learning challenge set by the Oddizzi team live from Nepal.

The resources have been reviewed by KS2 teachers:

“I don’t know of any other resources like this which exist. The virtual reality feel of being on the trip with you is definitely unique and also the variety of activities which are included.”

“The film was fantastic! It will make what can be a very dry subject where children fail to relate to what is like living in a mountainous region, into something real and captivating.”

Second in the series is a class trip to a small village in rural North Yorkshire. This virtual fieldwork film will be a great resource to enhance your topics on the UK. It could support the requirement in KS1 to study a small area of the UK and for KS2 a region in the UK, such as the Pennines or the Yorkshire Dales. *Launching Autumn Term 2023*


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