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 2041 School Trailer Film

Free Films And Learning Resources On Antarctica –

Robert Swan OBE earned his place in history in the late 1980s when he became the first person ever to walk to both the North and South Pole.

In March 2022 Robert Swan invited Jenny Cooke from Oddizzi on an expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. Whilst in Antarctica Jenny hosted a webinar for 40,000 children.

Teachers and children loved being part of such a special event and requests came flooding in from teachers for more content on Antarctica to use in class.

Upon hearing this feedback from educators, Robert asked Jenny to extend his mission to younger generations and create bespoke, educational content about Antarctica for 5-11 year olds – 2041 School was born.

Jenny and Oddizzi founded the 2041 School charity in March 2023 (charity number: 1202447). The charity mission is to educate, inspire and excite children about Antarctica and create the champions and protectors of the future.

With help from some special sponsors, Oddizzi has helped 2041 School create a series of films that take children on a virtual class trip to Antarctica through films and teaching and learning resources.

Our films, lesson plans and resource packs for young children (5 to 11) have been designed to help them develop a sense of what Antarctica is like. In doing so, we hope that they will experience a sense of awe and wonder – and maybe even fall in love with this amazing continent!

Films and resources are FREE for teachers and educators to access.

Visit to access these resources.

We’re inviting pupils, teachers, and whole schools to join our special mission — to become Champions of Antarctica and a 2041 School!

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