Oddizzi has transformed the way I teach geography and made it a more enjoyable lesson for me and the pupils I teach.

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“Our school is remote so we zoom around the world with Oddizzi” Kristen Muir, Teacher, Orkney

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“We've added a global dimension across our curriculum with Oddizzi”Effie Kyrikakis,Teacher, Greece

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Play our new geographical quiz, Umbuzo!

“We played Umbuzo this afternoon, it's a big thumbs up from us!” Elizabeth, 3rd Grade Teacher, USA

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Start a Big Conversation in ClassPals

“Understanding life in Africa is easy when you’ve got friends there!” Alex Hope, Year 2 Teacher, London

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Oddizzi is a subscription-based geography resource for primary schools. Explore our resources for seven days, for free! Teaching resources can be previewed but not downloaded. For specific samples please email [email protected].

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