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Oddizzi recently commissioned SchoolZone to run an independent review of our resources with our subscriber schools. Here’s a glimpse of what Oddizzi teachers are saying about how Oddizzi has made an impact in their school….

“Since using Oddizzi, staff and children alike have found their love of Geography again. Staff feel more confident with their own subject knowledge and knowing the resources they are using are purposeful and of high quality for the children. Children are learning new information every day and are becoming eager to explore the world and its people. We have also found that the children are retaining information and skills more than before. We hope that as we continue to embed Oddizzi in our school, children will continue to thrive.”

“All of the children in the year group responded very positively to your Everest Base Camp film. We had a ‘deep dive’ in geography this term and when the children were asked about their favourite lessons, all of the year 5 children said Everest Base Camp!”

“I invited my headteacher to observe our Everest Base Camp lesson and she has since raved about it to the governors and other teachers!”

“We want the children to become Geographers and to do this they need a range of skills including comparing places and explaining their similarities and differences. For our Year 3 Settlements and Populations topic, the Malham field trip was great to allow the children to compare. Thank you, Oddizzi really has had an impact on our Geography.”

“The children loved the ownership over their Geo Jotters (fieldwork booklet), they all felt they were taking part which is key! They wanted to keep watching and when we had to pause for playtime, they wanted to keep watching the film.”

“The topics available cover all parts of a national curriculum but can be easily ‘cherry-picked’ to fit with my school’s Geography curriculum. The planning and resources are clear and purposeful. Each sequence of learning has clear progression and allows the children to build upon their learning. Children are excited for Oddizzi lessons and know exactly what to expect.”

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