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ClassPals In Action

The Discovery Federation is a group of three schools in Hampshire that work closely with Education Uganda to help improve primary education in Uganda.Here they share ClassPals in action.

Each Hampshire school has a link school situated in the Kasese District of western Uganda. They use Oddizzi and ClassPals to communicate with their partner schools on a weekly basis.

Ugandian ClassPals

Located in a rural community, Ibanda, Nkaiga and Kyabikuha primary schools have electricity and internet connections powered by solar panels and generators. The children access Oddizzi through laptops donated by Education Uganda.

Schools go online every Friday afternoon to communicate through ClassPals. Small groups of Year 6 children send and receive up to four postcards during each session. Their teacher prints off their postcards and gathers National Curriculum evidence by doing so.

Communication through ClassPals gives the children the opportunity to explore the culture of another country and learn through the first-hand exchange of information.

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